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Lie detector

Private Bureau of Investigation – Detectio is the only agency in Northern Poland that offers professional:

  • Recruitment studies of job candidates
  • Verification studies of employees
  • Special studies, conducted in the occasion of crimes harmful to the company

The experts working for the Private Investigation Agency – Detectio are retired officers of the Police Headquarters and members of the Polish Association of Screen and Digital Printing. They have a strong theoretical background and years of experience in conducting printing analysis and compiling their results.

On all stages of negotiations with the business entities interested in our services we are ready to provide full credentials confirming the professionalism of our experts.

Benefits for the clients:

  • Low-cost verification of a job candidate’s employment history;
  • Detecting people addicted to alcohol and psycho-active drugs;
  • Revealing character traits connected with psychological or social dysfunctions of the prospective employees;
  • Identifying a disloyal employee, who works for the competition;
  • Minimizing costs of turnover frequency and significantly increasing the likelihood of selecting the right candidates for specific posts.

The conditions of cooperation:

The prices of studies and other details will be made available to an interested business entity during direct negotiations. They are determined by such factors as the number of people subjected to the study.

The cost of legal and content-related advice is included in the price of the study.

Note: Discounts and significant cost reduction in the case of permanent cooperation.