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Industrial couterintelligence

The Private Bureau of Investigation – Detectio offers not only the protection of the client’s trade secrets. Industrial counterintelligence is a modern tool, used for the purposes of Public Relations and for protecting business. It is just entering the Polish market.

The basic scope of the Agency’s operation:

  • Hampering the activities of industrial spies and of unfair competitors;
  • Hampering the activities of vindicators, industrial intelligence and private detectives;
  • Hiding the organizational structure of business entities and holding companies.

We specialize in preparing and implementing DISINFORMATION

Highly specialized products:


Prevention packet. We also offer you a modern intensive looking on business (ILB) product.

The Private Investigation Agency will protect the security of the client’s company, on the basis of a permanent consulting service contract. The advantages of such a model include:

  • providing help to clients as quickly as possible;
  • discounts on conducting industrial intelligence;
  • routine consulting with a chosen consultant via electronic media or via a telephone;
  • discount on the whole set of services offered by the Private Investigation Agency – Detectio.
  • counterintelligence surveillance in the company (details are available for interested parties)


The conducted cases and investigations show that the decision-making personnel in an organization, the management, as well as people observed by the competition or picked out as potential “moles” are subjected to constant or episodic secret surveillance. These activities aim at gathering materials that incriminate or discredit a person or the organization.

Such operations, when commissioned by the competition, are conducted by professionals – people associated with secret service or the secret police task forces. In the realization of such a commission, these people use all available techniques and tools (including illegal ones).

As a part of the SAB packet realization a task unit is formed

The packet includes:

  • counter-surveillance (involves revealing the fact of secret surveillance, identifying the threat and employing countermeasures which aim at finding the person or organization which commissioned the surveillance)
  • studying the vehicle of the “protected entity” for GPS locators and hidden audio transmitters