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Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence involves gathering or confirming information on the legal and financial situation of a given company, based on the commission of another subject. It aims at reducing the risk of cooperation or at conducting the proper steps towards debt execution. Industrial intelligence can also target a single person.

The Private Investigation Agency offers services aimed at reducing risk during new contact engagements and cooperation with existing partners to small, medium and large companies offering production, services and commerce.

The most common intelligence operations conducted by our agency concern the evaluation of the factual state of the contracting parties and their:

  • financial situation,
  • credit worthiness,
  • property rights to real estates,
  • financial liquidity,
  • business ethics,
  • honesty in trade contacts in the country and abroad,
  • security on property in the simplified proceedings by writ of payment.

The services offered by our intelligence agency include:

  • verification of documentation authenticity,
  • evaluating the financial situation of contracting parties,
  • determining the market rating and status,
  • verifying the company’s reputation among other contracting parties,
  • determining the authenticity of the declarations made,
  • verifying the achievements, experience and career path,
  • intelligence and secret observation of the potential business partner.