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Business investigations

The unstable legal and economic environment, in which the Polish entrepreneurs function, generates business pathologies and criminal activities. As a result, the risk of conducting business is high. There is a visible change in the crime structure in small and medium enterprises; more and more often the entrepreneurs become victims of harmful practices, theft of information vital to competing companies and sabotage.

The Private Bureau of Investigation – Detectio specializes in conducting discrete and thorough business investigations. This covers all stages: pre-trial, trial and post-trial. We operate in accordance with the current law and with the rules of preparatory proceedings. We conduct the indicial analysis and evaluation of the given situation. On the basis of the results we prepare a plan of further investigation activities.

The most common cases:

  • identifying and detecting the perpetrators of crimes to the detriment of the company;
  • detecting the mechanisms of operation of single criminals and criminal organizations; revealing the modus operandi;
  • gathering evidence for the police, the prosecutor and the court;
  • securing the evidence gathered during the criminological operations (criminological analysis – also after the inspection conducted by the law enforcement, if the inspection is questionable);
  • gathering documentation necessary for initiating police investigation or legal prosecution;
    preparing for reporting a crime;
  • constantly cooperating with law enforcement concerning the case, aimed at optimizing the duration of the investigation;
  • presenting evidence in civil trials;
  • providing aid in critical situations (security procedures, recovery programs);
  • negotiations in solving disagreements.